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With a heavy dose of their typical bluntness, the German government created a website dedicated to teaching the influx of Middle Eastern immigrants the ins and outs of sex -- literally and figuratively -- in German culture.

In some places, the site offers advice on how to interact with, and be respectful of, gays and lesbians and members of the opposite sex.

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(Imagine the stick-figure man and woman on a public restroom sign pictured in virtually every conceivable sexual position.) One section deals explicitly with young people trying to lose their virginity.It offers a helpful tip for the big night: "Make sure that no one can disturb you." It goes on to describe the various sensations and emotions people have when losing their virginity.The site, which cost the German Federal Center for Health Education 6,000 to create, is intended to help bridge the gap between the typically reserved Middle Eastern attitudes about sex and the more open German approach, where public nudity is not uncommon and frank conversations about sex are the norm.While the website might make more prudish Americans giggle or blush, the issue of sexual norms has, at times, been anything but a joke in Germany as tens of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees have struggled to integrate themselves into German society.The site’s founders (in partnership with researchers at Indiana University and The Kinsey Institute) conducted extensive interviews with 2000 women in American between the ages of 18 and 95 to discover more about women’s pleasure.

Following this investigation they determined that there are 12 ways to make a woman orgasm and commissioned videos unpacking these various techniques so that anyone with internet access could benefit from the insights.

The site also features ‘touchable’ videos – essentially you can play with an interactive photo-real vulva that responds to the swipes of your fingers.

It enables you to practice the techniques before trying them out on yourself, or a partner.

A rash of sexual assaults, some allegedly committed by asylum seekers, were reported across the country on New Year's Eve.

Public pools in Munich have had to post cartoon signs warning men not to grope women in swimsuits.

In Bavaria, the local government has begun offering classes for Middle Eastern men on how to properly approach and converse with German women so as not to be offensive.