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A reporter interviewed three altar boys who alleged years of abuse at the hands of three Catholic priests.

I want you forever,” and that the priest would attempt to grope him during Mass, warning him, “Don’t tell anybody…

This is something between me and you.”Fabiano is the boy who appears in the sex tape that is being trafficked through the streets of Arapiraca.

On the tape, he performs a sex act on Monsignor Barbosa, whose face is clearly visible.

The tape was secretly shot by another altar boy, Cícero Flávio Vieira Barbosa (no relation to the priest), who also alleges years of abuse at the hands of Monsignor Barbosa, also beginning when he was 12. I wanted proof.”The case is front-page news in Brazil, and has sent shockwaves shuddering through what is still a very Catholic country.

Asked why he shot the film, Flávio said, “Because there has to be a good end to this story. Meanwhile, incendiary commentary is spreading like wildfire across Brazil’s garrulous blogosphere.

“This is the demon in the middle of the Church of Our Lord,” reads one blog comment about Barbosa, written in Portuguese.“They are already condemned for being pastors of God and to do something like this is shameful and nauseating for us who are Catholics.”When the interviewer on Reporter Connection asked Barbosa if, in his 58 years in the priesthood, he had ever abused an altar boy, the priest responded, “I can’t tell you this. I don’t need to admit or deny.”The two other well-known priests accused of abuse are Father Raimundo Gomes and Father Edílson Duarte.

Brazil’s Civil Police agency has begun an inquiry into the charges against all three priests. And the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission into Pedophilia, which is being conducted by Brazil’s senate, showed the sex video to a shocked audience in the city in April. He told the inquiry that this was the only time he had had sex with the altar boy.

The priests are fighting back—and thickening the plot.

In the small Brazilian city of Arapiraca, tucked away in the poor, conservative northeast corner of the country, a hidden-camera video showing an octogenarian priest having sex with a young altar boy is being hawked on the street.

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