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Germany is in search for Italy, Rome's grandson, and take him captive. The "Hetalia" portion of the name is probably mocking Italy, as "hetare" means "useless." (The master list and profiles, including extras and specials, can be found here. Now it is World War II, everything is going smoothly with Germany's invasion, when the worst thing possible happens. It is centered mostly around Italy, who has both a North and South character.

Hungary and Belarus will be added later C: This is the first time I've done something like this so be nice with giving me both negative and positive feedback x3You can download the game here make sure to have winrar or 7zip so when the game is downloaded on your computer you extract the file to whereever you'd like to have it on your computer details will be explained in the game and also where I used certain backgrounds and sounds will be listen in the file ^^That's about it I really hope you will like the game Hetaliaxreader Skype and Pizza Hetaliaxreader Skype and Pizza"Feli, Lovi what do you want to do while we are waiting for the pizzas? Your friend Feliciano or Feli called you this morning and asked you if you wanted to help him and his brother Lovino to make pizzas.You happily accepted it and walked to their house and make some pizzas.Now that they are in the oven you didn't know what do do."I don't know" Lovi said"I know!Why not see if someone is online on skype and asked them to come over! " You said happily"It's fine as long as we don't invite tomato freak and thet perverted french guy" Lovi said annoyed."I can agree with you about Francis though" You said and sat beside Feli who who turn on his laptop"I just don't want that tomato bastard to come! Feli logged in on his account and you saw some of your friends that was online."Hehe Al is online" You said"Let's ask him!" Feli said and invited Alfred on a conversation with Hetaliaxreader Paint it white Part 1Hetaliaxreader Paint it white Part 1America "Dude this is like an emrgency!

Infront of you you have these documents of these like white figiures have appeared all over the earth.And everyone have totally turned into "nopperas"You hear America talk at the meeting you were attending to.You are (country name) And you lived peacefully in you country.But yesterday your country got attacked by these weird aliens called "noppera".But luckily your friend Italy rescued you before the nopperas was about to turn you into one of them. After the world meeting have ended it was only you, Alfred, Kiku and a few others left."Yes what is it?And you two flew to America and met up with America, England (UK), France, Russia, China, Canada, Japan and Germany. " You asked"Don't forget about tonight" Alfred winked"No I won't don't worry" You winked back"I wirr be coming over earry to make sushi" Kiku said"Awesome see y'all then! You three had plans on watching horror movies Alfred have gotten.