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The “mystery” is overplayed and the chaebols are fairly one-note, but turn your brain off in those scenes and the show is good breezy fun.

(8 / 7) Gong Yoo as a bleeding heart high school cutie and Gong Hyo-jin as a badass teacher? This one has comedy, a nice episodic pace, and most importantly, a lot of heart. (10 / 8) –GFIt served up just the right amount of crack at every turn.

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Nothing new, but a good family drama with a fresh-faced foursome in a compelling love square.(8 / 7) –GFCentered around a lifelong friendship turning to love and a mother’s slow descent into Alzheimer’s, there are shining moments in the thoughtful writing and strong directing.There isn’t much actual plot, but it’s an introspective watch with heartwarming relationships.(8 / 8)Halfway through, this was set to be an all-time favorite—thoughtful, sweet, intriguingly dark.But the story lost focus and the production was thrown into backstage turmoil late in the game, fizzling out disappointingly.

(8 / 8) What began as a whimsical twist on a classic fairytale devolved into lots of soulful staring.Had enough plot for eight episodes, but at twenty, it stretched my patience thin, despite my love for the amazing cast.(7 / 6) –GFRanges from slapstick to tearful to dramatic; worth watching for Rain’s and Oh Yeon-seo’s crack-up performances as middle-aged men stuck in beautiful young bodies.Note: These are only series we’ve seen in their entirety. (8 / 8) Gambling, intrigue, foreign locales—it was a blockbuster hit and people went crazy for Lee Byung-hyeon and Song Hye-kyo.Also, I’ve separated ratings into how much I like something and how good I think it is objectively. It was almost swallowed by its own hype, but there’s a reason why every revenge/success/empire story tries to emulate this one. I wish they’d given it more production value, because the content was a breath of fresh air.