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The illegal drug trafficking world seems attractive to all these middle-class people, who overlook the associated dangers and legal problems.

This choice begins a turbulent and troubled lifestyle that will change their fates forever.

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This is a sad fact that I’ll just have to deal with.But as a temporary resident of that beautiful city, I’ve been called on now and then to provide recommendations for those visiting.So I figured I’d put back on my Dame in Spain hat and present to […] Read More For the better part of my twenty-one months living in Madrid, I visited heaps of coffee shops in the hopes of writing a blog called “Madrid’s Top Five Work-Friendly Coffee Shops” And as I finally write this post from one of Washington DC’s dozens of coffee shops (where everyone is engrossed in either a business […] Read More From the moment I arrived in Porto, I was delighted with the city’s colorful old buildings, sparkling river, steep streets, and possession of a lively, but peaceful charm.I knew I made the right call for a quick overnight trip.Situated along the Douro River in northern Portugal, Porto is one of Europe’s oldest cities.

[…] Read More One of the first things I do when I move to a new place is figure out a new workout routine. Just kidding, it was swimming laps and doing Crossfit in the hyper-masculine hotel gym with Marines who blasted death metal.

Before that, in Washington DC, it was […] Read More There is a trend among Foreign Service bloggers right now to write about the pros and cons of their posts.

It’s summer bidding season, which means this is the time when Foreign Service Officers and their families pore over lists of open jobs in countries far and wide.

We “bid” on a different cycle so […] Read More I recently returned from Paris after completing my third residency as part of New York University’s Paris Writers Program.

Another year – and two more residencies to go – and hopefully I’ll have an MFA, and more importantly, a decent draft of my novel. I love every minute […] Read More Our Spanish tour is on its last legs.

Soon, it’ll be hummus and ancient history in Jerusalem in lieu of siestas and tapas.