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Winners will receive as follows cash 1st - Purchase $ x 5, 2nd - Purchase $ x 3, 3rd - Purchase $ x 1 (Ex.

PTC-Ref Back offers you the unique chance to work at western PTC-sites and to be paid for surfing of sponsors’ ads.

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Easy referral club is an easy way to quikly get FREE referrals for pay to surf companies (popular companies who pay you to surf the web)If you are not familiar with pay to surf companies and referrals you should first visit the about page. We do not work with big 7*7 or 6*6 matrix systems, we think we have a fairer system. We do not wait until many members have registered, before we start giving away referrals. You have to make a decision for yourself which company you will join to get paid for surfing the web.

Did you ever joined a pay to surf company and after a few months you still did't find any referral? It's over now with easy referral club online You can participate in our program, and you will be guaranteed of referrals. Our goal is to keep a short downline which is more effective and more people will be satisfied . Our goal will be a 5*5 system if there are enough people signing up for a program. We try to make sure the downline is active, therefore we have set minimum hours for each money-making program. - You got nothing to lose, you can still find referrals by yourself at the same time! - We don't need personal info, only name,age , country and e-mail! - No forced matrix, every referral you get will be yours forever! We make it easier for you because we reviewed them and gave them a rating. Not only do they pay to surf, they also pay you to sign up for programs, play games.Everyone must use the minimal amount of surfing hours for a program, stated in our terms and conditions. You can join by filling in our sign up form(we don't need any personal information! They pay you 0,10 dollar for direct referrals and 0,05 dollar for indirect referrals referrer=mdixon rating=***** Minimal surfing hours = 25 hours / month Spedia is a very good company. referrer=621056 rating=***** Minimal surfing points= 1200 points / month View all the companies we offer our system for CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE COMPANY SECTION!!! All the supported companies are in the "Companies" section.) You will receive a reply with further instructions how to sign up for a money-making program as soon as possible (you can't join the club with your existing ID, you are not already a member of the company you wish to join our system for! When you followed the instructions correctly you will be put in our system. Click here for a list of companies that already paid members, companies we offer our system for are in italic. John Pays U pays you up to 0,50 dollar an hour, you wil get 0,10 dollar an hour for your direct referrals. In addition you can make money if you set their Paysstart as your starting page, you will earn 0,1 dollar for every 10 visits. Would you like to link us please use on of our banners. If you find 3 people joining us with you as a referrer, your referrer ID will be put on this page or at the company section for at least 3 days.I was never able to find lots of referrals, and the referrals which i found did not surf actively. To maintain a high pay rate, it is necessary you click at least 0,5 % of their ads. referrer=AAD7497K rating=***** Minimal surfing hours= 10 hours / month Paid for surf pays you 0,40 dollar an hour. Link - Advertise on other websites by exchanging links with similar sites.Join our FREE worldwide search engine and boost your visitor traffic today by receiving Link Leads.