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If you want to synchronise your Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar with a calendar on your own computer or mobile device you will need to set up the connection to Google.Where Google's documentation says your Google Account username and password you will need your [email protected] and your Google Apps @ Cambridge token.Visit https://uk/token Remember that if you do need to change your token you will need to re-enter it into any application that has used it.

Some local notes are found below, read these in conjunction with Google's documentation.

Note that Google only supports synchronisation with a small number of named devices/applications.

The instructions on Google's page have been reported to work in general.

For reference our original instructions, which differ a little from Google's, are still available.

Some notes: It is not currently (August 2014) possible to sync with Outlook.

See Google Calendars synchronisation issues for details.

The process described in Google's page on enabling Google Calendar in Mozilla Sunbird has been confirmed to work with Sunbird 1.0b1 and with lightning-1.0b2 in Thunderbird 3.1.3.

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How is authentication being taken care of in this case?

Ultimately I want the last three Gits to not ask for authorization. I found two extra files in the Git Hub's Git but I doubt they matter at all: through a text SMS, if you can avoid it.

The reason is, through that activation process, you have access to your two-factor secret key, which is used to generate the second factor authentication every 30 seconds: That way you can go to any GAuth (Google Authenticator) client, enter that same 2FA secret key, and see the same code you would get through SMS message.