Frum dating site

I apologize for the picture, it cam e with a big blank spot, but I found that the advertisement was too funny to give up the picture [Boy with friend and girl with friend each sit at computer screens in their homes.] Brian: Hey, Jared.

And let’s go hit the keg at that Jewish frat party. (typing) Dear Fraydie613, you are certainly thesweetest thing on the internet.

Jared: Dude, just say “wasssup baby, how about you and I take a ride on the Jewish car of love? (typing) Dear (looks closer) Fraydie613, Brian: Yeah, dude.

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Come quick, Boruch Hashem, I finally received an electronic message from that dating website your aunt put my picture on.

Fraydie: Well, he first called me “very sweet” and asked me for a date, in his car!

Shani: So, nu, what did this shtark boy have to say?

Fraydie: (typing) Dear Brian, I certainly think you are sweet too and I would love to take a ride with you in your fancy car…

Shani: Fraydie, you are so right – dan lecaf zechus. (typing) Also, do you want your wife to wear pants?

Brian: (typing) Dear Fraydie, I’d like to meet you… I’ve always dreamed of meeting a girl who doesn’t wear pants.

-Brian Fraydie: (typing) Dear Brian, I will never wear a short skirt and I can’t stand tank tops or anything that is too tight.

Brian: She wants me to take her straight to a hotel! And we’ll have no problem of it being just us, you know, with yichud.

Jared: Ask her if she has a favorite hotel, you know. It’s the most public of the hotels, that way people can see us, watch us.

Fraydie: (typing) My rebbe and my father always tell me to go to the Marriott.

And she’s not interested in it just being with me – this girl may be too much for me to handle! You are very sweet, and very frum, and I feel we already are connecting in ways I can only dream about.