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I’d LOVE to see this community represented in a way that wasn’t that same trope. I was wondering if it would be alright if I posted a request for interviews on your blog?I'm asexual myself but white as a sheet and I don't want to intrude on your blog.

Asexual Dating Site is Online Community for Those Who Do Not Feel or Desire the Need for Physical Intimacy, But Still Enjoy the Company of Like-minded People, so Make a Free Profile and Meet Compatible Singles!Websites (Informational, Blogs, Forums, etc) Ace – “Ace Fet is a support forum specifically for asexuals with fetishes, and related subjects.” Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) – Great Resource, also has a members’ forum Aven Wiki Asexual Explorations – This site has an *amazing* collection of research on the subject of asexuality Asexual News Dating/Networking sites for Asexuals Ace Book – Asexual Dating and Social Networking Site Asexual – Asexual Dating Site Asexual – Asexual Meeting/Dating Service Asexuality Group on Petitions Petition to be able to select Asexual and Pansexual as your orientation on Facebook and Myspace Blogs (This list is growing by leaps and bounds every week!) A Proud Greek Asexual Mind Ace of Butterflies Ace of Hearts After Morrissey An Asexual Space Another Asexual Radical Asexcapades Asexual Advice Asexual Cupcake Asexual Curiosities: For the Asexually Curious and Curiously Asexual (Old Page) (New Page) Asexual Explorations Asexual Love The Asexual Otaku The Asexualist Asexy Amy’s Blog Asexy Beast Asexy Grafitti (French) Asexy Me Cake Yeah Asexuals Charlie the Unicorn, Ace Detective Chroanagram Edge of Everywhere Fuck Yeah Aces Glad to be A Hypomnemata It’s An Ace Thing Kaz’s Scribblings Love From the Asexual Underground Meaningless Mutterings Meanwhile, inside my head…Meowing at the Moon: A Gender-Neutral Asexual’s Search for a Soulmate Musings from Outside Normal Boundaries Pirate Queen Susan’s Sea Blog Rainbow Amoeba’s Petri Dish (link broken) Shades of Gray Sheldon Has No Deal Singularly Bizarre: Musings from an agendered asexual radical feminist transwoman in a poly relationship on politics, mad science, life, the universe, and everything.Skeptic’s Play Sophisticate Blues Song Against Sex The Venus of Willendork Too Asexy For My Shorts Unapologetic Ace Verbs Not Nouns What do you mean by Sex?

In the few months I’ve been modding at fuckyeahasexual and touring ace Tumblr, there’s been a very. Stream of info that detail horrifically abusive situations and overall poor mental unhealth.

Two a week in the inbox if I’m lucky, usually around seven-ten.

And there’s been so many, I can officially categorize all 500+ of these kinds of asks and submissions into an extensive bulletlist of Why Asexual Exclusionary Radicalism Is Incredibly Toxic And Shitty; Coming Out To Family, Friends, And Employers Shut the fuck up about your petty beef with tumblr bloggers and youtubers and Archie comics or whatever. I see these messages every goddamn day - this post was written and drafted a month ago, and I very easily compiled most of this bulletpoint list from scratch, just by eyeing what I see in the askbox and what comes across my dash. This is what I see by being part of this one 17k follow asexual ask blog for maybe half a year.

I am so Done with all the faux rage posts and all the false positivity about how it’s ok to NOT be ace and all the acephobia that falls perfectly in line with the gaslighting typical of acephobia-101 while also having the audacity to claim it not so.

This is what’s real and I want to bleed it into your goddamn eyes. Asexual Latinas & How Latina Stereotypes Hurt Them - This article covers the research of Aasha Foster, a doctoral student at Columbia University doing research on the intersection of race and asexuality. I don’t often see the experiences of poc asexuals written about or discussed, and it’s important to delve into these ‘invisible’ divisions of the lgbtqia community; bringing out the voices of asexual people of different racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds can help broaden the community in acceptance and sympathy towards people’s individual experiences.

No but really, when will white aces stop derailing my posts??? Among other things, the article shares Milo’s story.