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A topic of major concern to all parents, I have worked with a variety of organisations regarding child welfare, held rallies to raise shortfalls in services for the disabled and worked actively on child protection issues, from the Mulligan inquiry to Family's SA and state care accountability.I am also concerned at the lack of punishment for those found guilty of child abuse at any level, the need to improve mandatory reporting and the introduction of schemes like the "Safe Schools program" which overrides parental rights and genuine safe guards for vulnerable young aged children.

I do what I can to help the community, during fires and other disasters I am on the ground and shut my business until everything that can be done is.

I help raise money for those in need, to fund critical needs of the disabled and to support for those animal carers in sanctuary's and shelters.

I traveled to QLD during the floods with emergency supplies, I was on the ground during the Sampson flat fires, raising and delivering hundreds of tonnes of supplies and did the same during the Pinery fires.

I have been spokesperson for a major shelter, and have held rallies, I run special events like, “Voices of the Animals” annual awareness day, which raises awareness and moneys for a majority of local rescue organisations, and I have spoken at most animal related rallies to raise awareness and funding for grass roots animal rescue.

I have traveled all over the country during natural disasters to support local carers, sanctuary’s and shelters, and have raised hundreds of tonnes of feed and delivered it immediately to those affected by local disasters, including the QLD floods, the Victorian fires, the Humbug scrub fires and the recent Pinery fires.

During the Humbug scrub fires with the help of supporters I was able to send in 40 fully loaded 4x4’s with trailers every day, going door to door to ensure every affect person and animal we could reach had everything they needed.I have attended most recent animal welfare raids, animal abuse cases both here and in WA, to ensure I maintain a healthy understanding of animal welfare law, and to protect innocent carers from unfair prosecutions.I worked tirelessly and successfully to bring about a full inquiry in WA into the award of and use of awarded powers under the Act, with great success.There are hundreds of other articles on line, in print, on you tube, and via TV exposes and stories.If a topic is of special interest to you, simply google my name and that topic.If you believe an older article needs updating, or that I am miss-informed, please feel free to write to me and lets debate the topic, I first ran for the senate with my wife Helen back near 18 years ago, and a few times since, over the past decade I have tried to set a good example, getting out there and achieving the change I believe we need, rather than simple words, I have put my money and time into protecting the best interests of my community.