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Her son Albert starred as the creepy gas mask child in that episode of Dr Who that had us all hiding behind sofas. Mealing has had an illustrious soap career appearing as a series regular on Holby City for six years.

Her character Connie Beauchamp now appears on sister show Casualty.

The Village of Malta is located in Malta Township in the western part of De Kalb County. It is said that at that time Malta had a larger business district than De Kalb!

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Fay, the Village of Malta owes its long term existence to the railroad. Another hotel was built in the fall of 1858 and was called the Orient House. A portion of the warehouse was used as a hotel and was the first hotel in town. Two men by the names of Shedd and Fuller built a warehouse to store grain that they purchased. Orput was not the only one to have run an early business in Malta.The post office was established in the winter of 1856 and Mr. The local school house was built in 1857 and lasted till 1873 when a new school was built for ,000.00.

The school had four rooms and one teacher per room.

A grist-mill was the first industrial use in Malta, owned by Clement and Dodge in 1857.

They ran the mill for two years then leased it to Booth and Sprague.

The TV show that taught 70s kids that throwing benches into the school swimming pool was a really good idea and told 80s kids to 'just say no'.

The show ran for an incredible 30 years before it eventually stopped in 2008.

But what happened to your favourite characters after the school bell rang for the last time? Does some interviews and presenting for a film website and according to his actor profile can do Dutch, Greek, Indian, Irish, Jamaican, Maltese, and Turkish accents. The actor starred in popular 90s show London's Burning.