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VENUE'S / TIME'S SUBJECT TO CHANGE, PLEASE CALL TO CHECK.Fitness Training is adapted to your needs - We are passionate about your progress.At Brentwood Boot Camp you will find a fun friendly atmosphere with approachable staff.

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IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT GETTING FIT IN A FUN WAY THEN THIS IS TOO GOOD TO MISS This is one of the most effective workouts you will ever do!!!Incorporating Tabata technique which will change your metabolism!!! Boot Camp incorporates team work, so everyone is involved. You have the choice to receive a discount on one of our pay up front options or have the flexibility to pay as you go. If you're interested in joining us email or bring your completed registration form to your 1st session, click the link below for the form.Angus first developed the idea of outdoor training, in parks, for people in his home town of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.He wanted to help local people access fitness resources in fun environments, and help them meet people who wanted to do the same.Most importantly Kids Boot Camp will be fun for all ages.

DNA Boot Camp is a weight loss and fitness solution like no other. Take yourself to mother natures greatest gym as you are led on a quest of fitness by your very own DNA Boot Camp instructor.Experience the challenge as you are pushed and motivated to new levels of fitness that were beyond your wildest dreams.Master the skills of using equipment such as TRX, Kettlebells and Vi PR’s as we empower your arsenal in your attack on fitness.People that wanted to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle could do it outside of the constrictions of a gym.Browne’s Boot Camp started small, in a local park, but is growing quickly.It has already expanded through Essex and is moving through the UK and beyond!