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It also shows up in nursing homes and other places where people live close together.

There are other skin conditions that can look like scabies.

The doctor might also rub a small amount of ink onto the skin, to highlight the burrows.Or, he might use a special light to see if burrows are present.The following over-the-counter medicines can help relieve the itch: Stopping the itch is only a temporary treatment.It takes a prescription medicine to get rid of the mites.Even after scabies treatment, the itch may continue for a few days or for several weeks.

Here are some medicines which are used for scabies treatment: People who are ill or have weakened immune systems may need additional medicine.The scabies mites can only live for a few days without a human host. The best way to keep scabies from returning is to wash all clothes, sheets, towels, and anything else that may have come into contact with the infected person's skin.Fabrics should be washed in hot, soapy water and dried at the "high" heat setting in the dryer.Scabies is an itchy skin condition caused by a tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei.The presence of the mite leads to intense itching in the area of its burrows.The urge to scratch may be especially strong at night.