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– Deutsch B1–B2 Pflege*– Deutsch B2–C1 Medizin*Your benefit:– High quality and recognition in medical establishments– Proof of language ability with professional recognition– Swift professional placement * On request, minimum 4 candidates Registration The exam registration forms are available from us, and are to be filled out, signed and returned to us by post or fax.You will receive the confirmation of examination and the corresponding paying-in slip approximately six weeks before the examination date.

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Each part of the exam, whether the written or oral sections, can be retaken within a period of one year.-Should the client only repeat part of the examination, the copy of the certificate, indicating the parts of the examination passed, is to be submitted, along with the field “only written” or “only oral” indicated on the application form.Reduced charges are levied for partial examinations – please contact our offices for further information.This part tests your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary, for example, how well you know tenses, or which word would be correct in a sentence.It also tests how well you understand what someone means when they are talking to you.This understanding is very important in language learning.

They are all multiple-choice apart from the last task, which is a gapped text where you must type in the missing words yourself.oxford online placement test demo. This means that it doesn’t have a set number of questions, and the questions won’t always be the same.

The test should take between 45 minutes and an hour (although you are given 65 minutes to complete it). The test decides which questions to ask you, depending on how well you are doing.

If you answer a question correctly, you will be given a more difficult one next; conversely, you will get an easier question next if you don’t answer the previous question correctly.

Die Lehrbücher sind vom Schüler selbst zu erwerben.

Die Gebühr für eine Erstanmeldung 100 Euro für visumpflichtige Schüler, die sich zum Zeitpunkt der Anmeldung noch im Ausland befinden.

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