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BIST: Once someone is ready to try online dating, what can they do to ensure they are making a good impression with potential mates?

On the other hand, it’s an opportunity to brush up on their decision-making skills by having various profiles to choose from.

Seeing a range of singles online can generate excitement and give hope for the future as they can identify with other singles that are experiencing difficulty meeting others.

In order to put their best foot forward they have to practice honesty throughout the entire process.

They should write an honest bio, showcase their personality and positive qualities and include updated photos. If they are having difficulty describing the person they are, a close friend/family member can help add to their bio.

BIST: Do you think someone who has an acquired brain injury needs to list that on their profile?

When would be the right time to share that with someone?

Tebb: Someone with ABI does not have to include that in their bio as it is very personal.

Most people will either email or chat before they meet in public so it can be determined then if it’s worth telling their date.

BIST: Is online dating a good way for people who are shy or lacking in self confidence to meet people?

Tebb: Online dating allows people to write their story through a bio and picture.

For someone suffering from a brain injury, online dating might be a better option than attending social events such as speed dating, because they can search through profiles in the comfort of their own home.