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Last Tuesday, Raven's stepmother received an unnervingly short phone call from the missing teen."Raven said she was safe, but that she was calling from someone else's phone and couldn't stay on the line and had to go," Lin Furlong told People Magazine.

Bart, President and Co-founder of NWCAVE said in a news release.

“We took these cases because the families felt hopeless and needed help being heard, we are praying someone report tips that can lead police to their daughters." For Jillian Mourning the founder of All We Want Is Love-- Liberation of Victims Everywhere, partnering with NWCAVE on this is more personal.

When she was 19, Mourning connected with someone on Model Mayhem's website who wanted to be her manager and ended up becoming a victim of sex trafficking.

"He came into my room with three guys, and they [all] proceeded to rape me," said Mourning. Simpson and Cowlings were allegedly connected to the arrest of Tracey Alice Hill, alias Amanda Armstrong, a 32 year-old stripper from Santa Monica, Hill was nabbed by police in Dunsmuir, a small town in northern California, with a suitcase containing 40 pounds of cocaine.

The night Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston in February of 1964, a group of black celebrities met in Ali’s hotel room.

Powerful minds such as Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown were present, along with Sam Moore from Sam and Dave.

It didn’t come out until years later, that the room was bugged. Edgar Hoover launched a covert operation aimed at getting rid of potential "black messiahs." In 1963, Medgar Evans was assassinated.

Three months before Sam Cooke's death, Malcolm X was assassinated.

A few months later, Jackie Wilson, Jesse Belvin and Little Willie John had been ordered out of Little Rock, Arkansas, at gunpoint after they refused to perform before a segregated audience only days after four Negro freshmen at AT&T College in Greensboro, North Carolina, had tried to integrate a local lunch counter.

Jesse Belvin would later be killed in an horrific car crash, Little Willie John would die mysteriously in prison and Jackie Wilson would collapse onstage and linger in an coma for several years (before dying). Two anti-human trafficking organizations have partnered together to help raise awareness on behalf of young women who have gone missing after creating modeling profiles on the networking site Model

Both organizations are calling for a federal investigation, calling the website "a common denominator" and "a red flag" in the disappearances.