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This tutorial deals with basic verbs in the different tenses.

We discuss past, present, future, imperative or command, prohibition, and variations on these tenses.

We also discuss how to conjugate verbs in each of these in order to reflect voice, gender, plurality, person, and other aspects.

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It is not appropriate for a beginner to study this topic, or any topic for that matter, exclusively from a tutorial.A student requires live instruction, real-time answers to questions, and practice with feedback.Therefore, one cannot read this tutorial and expect to have a complete and vivid understanding of the material.These readings are complements to extraordinary and time-tested Arabic courses taught by esteemed scholars.It is important to note that, despite which of those three a verb will use, the passive will always be constructed in the same way; the passive verbs from all three of those patterns look exactly the same.

The past tense verb is referred to as the perfect verb because the action has already taken place.

The imperfect verb, on the other hand, is called such because the action has not yet completed.

This tense alone is indicative of the present tense, the present continuous, and the future tense.

person (third, second, and first): The third person is used when you are talking about the subject and the subject is not present, the second person is used when you are addressing the subject, and the first person is used when you yourself are the subject.

Arabic uses all three persons and it uses the masculine and feminine genders with no neutral.

Furthermore, plurality in Arabic is of three types: singular, dual, and plural.