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The Unlocking the Law series is designed specifically to make the law accessible.

Each chapter opens with aims and objectives and contains activities such as quick quizzes and self-test questions, key facts charts, diagrams to aid learning and numerous headings and sub-headings to make the subject manageable.

New features include summaries to check your understanding of each chapter, a glossary of legal terminology, essay questions with answer plans and exam questions with guidance on answering.

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The series covers all the core subjects required by the Bar Council and the Law Society for entry onto professional qualifications as well as popular option units.Resources supporting this book are available online at These include: Authors Mark Ryan is Senior Lecturer in Law at Coventry University.Steve Foster is Principal Lecturer at Coventry University.Law Express: Constitutional & Administrative Law is designed to help you to relate all the reading and study throughout your course specifically to exam and assignment situations.

Understand quickly what is required, organise your revision, and learn the key points with ease, to get the grades you need. Course Notes is designed to help you succeed in your law examinations and assessments.Each guide supports revision of an undergraduate and conversion GDL/CPE law degree module by demonstrating good practice in creating and maintaining ideal notes.Course Notes will support you in actively and effectively learning the material by guiding you through the demands of compiling the information you need.Constitutional and administrative law is an essential element of all law degrees.This second edition of Unlocking Constitutional and Administrative Law will ensure that you grasp the main concepts with ease, providing you with an indispensable foundation in the subject.