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Again, the goal is to kill yourself in every stage, but this time it requires more outside-the-box thinking than ever. Karoshi 2.0 was Internet Game of the Month in EDGE magazine June 2008.Levels 50 Links some of the most LOL-worthy and mind-bending puzzles I have ever seen - TIGsource article | one of the most intelligent games i have played in a long time - Auntie Pixelante The 5th installment in the Karoshi series, and its a great one.As is the case in the Karoshi series, you need to kill yourself in every stage.

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Unfortunately you cant die, but you can help other characters kill themselves.If you want to become mortal again, just grab some kryptonite.Super Karoshi is a Flash game developed for Armor Games.Una cantidad importante de la gente que hace sus compras en internet lo hace para comprar ropa online, y su número aumenta año tras año.Y es que en la red se puede encontrar cualquier prenda de ropa que deseemos y además a precios muy competitivos.

Se pueden encontrar desde calzado, camisas y vestidos hasta lencería, gafas de sol y complementos.

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A simple platformer game at first sight, but much more difficult once you try. The first Karoshi game was originally made as not much more than a joke.