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There's one called "Happy Guest" in Mount Lavinia, It's located in Hotel Road, You need to go near St. The best place I've ever been, Cleanness wise, Privacy wise. There's a road on the sea side when you pass Romafour Bamba… No creepy crawlers on the walls or any flies and insects… This is not something you need to openly ask on a forum.Thomas Gate, It's better to ask a 3wheel driver to ask you to drop in "Happy Guest". Guys, give him a break, he just wants to show his lady a good time. As Tourist boards people are constantly monitoring those hotels, they tend to keep the quality in a good level. In all honesty the Culture boundaries in Sri Lanka are just too narrow to give good replies with your respect in tact. Any 5 Star Hotel in Colombo Any 3 Star Hotel in Colombo Any 2 Star Hotel in Colombo Any "City Hotel" in Colombo Any hotel in Mount Lavinia that has reputation The above are all ok and are at a decent price point after the 5 Star series. Sometimes guest houses are also great to visit, and actually you should check Trip Advisor for even better advice and feedback on security and cleanliness… Always go for Tourist board approved A class Hotels. 2500 per 6 hours for A/C room with hot water and TV…… Also, most places can be booked online so give it a shot.

There are many new place opened now in between col 3 to mount so you just need to figure out what your budget is and go. All you need to know is that if you opt to select a cheap place it does not make you look good and you can be rest assured that it ain't safe and of course it will be dodgy. A man and woman wanting to get together for mutually satisfying sex is natural and a must for all healthy human beings. Sunhill is somewhere around 3200 last time checked… Totally safe, I have been there so many times and I will gurant their safety… 0112-715027 Come on Lone Wolf this is the modern ages and I guess you are both consenting adults so what with all the hide and seek?Colombo - IT IS one of the most enchanting places on earth.Children play beach cricket as the surf laps around the palm-fringed shores of Sri Lanka.