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Speaking to a local Italian TV station, TG1, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, said the city had a "symbolic propaganda value" for Isis.

Travel opens you up to all kinds of new experiences, so it’s only natural that travelers are more susceptible to falling head over heels in love with people they meet on the road.

Sometimes it’s another traveler in the hostel common room, but when you’re traveling in Italy it’s almost impossible not to fall in love (or at least what feels like love right then) with an Italian.

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Travelers may have trouble keeping up with exactly what’s hot fashion-wise, but if you’re intent on getting past “ciao” with that pretty Italian girl, you’d do well to invest in a nice shirt or a new pair of pants.

Be on the lookout for whatever seems to be in all the shop windows – either a particular cut or a particular color – and you’re on the right track.

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The Italian parliament has approved same-sex marriages in a confidence vote, ensuring that the civil unions bill will become law. For those who feel finally feel recognized," Prime Minister Matteo Renzi wrote on his official Facebook page.

After the approval on Wednesday, landmarks across Rome from the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain lit up in colours of the rainbow, representing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender - LGBT community, to celebrate the historic decision, CNN reported. "For those who had trouble sleeping tonight, for those who for days have wondered where to celebrate, for those who simply couldn't wait anymore," he added.

Renzi made special mention of Alessia Bellini, a Florence councillor, who worked with the prime minister when he presided over the province.