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Cell culture is a technique used by many biological laboratories the world over.

Typically, cell culture requires a growth medium composed of fetal calf serum (FBS) and a specialized base medium.

It is not unusual to utilize basic algebra when making a batch of growth medium.

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Sally has only 62 milliliters (ml) of the very expensive base medium “Peabody Sassy” (yea – I made that up, so don’t bother Goggling it! Her growth medium is composed of Peabody Sassy and 10% FBS. Daily Squares, the magic squares game Continuum - made with polygons and golden rectangles!

If she uses all 62 ml of Peabody Sassy (she does not want to waste any, after all), how many ml of FBS will she need to make up her growth medium? Continuum II - careful, the rules are a little bit different than the first one!

Please enter your solutions in the message box below, and be sure to show how you arrived at it. The Pi Game A great game to play on Pi Day or any day!

Sure, you can get a good estimate by trial and error, but you can get an exact answer (and faster! Sutekh's Curse Can you survive the torment of Sutekh's Curse? That Christmas Song Game We made Christmas get all mathy!

JPE is the 24-bit compressed JPEG graphic format that is commonly used for Web graphics and digital photos.

JPEG format is suitable for photos or images that contain lots of colors.

JPEG images use lossy compression, which means the file size is smaller, but at the same time, some image quality is lost.

The more compression is used, the less clear the image will become.

JPEG typically applies 10:1 compression without lossing much image quality. JPG extension, and support a maximum image size of 65535×65535.

When you double click JPE files on computer, the associated program will be launched to open the selected JPE file.

But you can change it to any program at your pleasure.