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Because we’re not real astronauts and definitely didn’t know what we were doing, we were given a number of handy cheat sheets that told us exactly what to do for every situation.

Even then, it was still difficult to line up what we were supposed to be doing with where the instructions for that task were actually located, and then actually And then, of course, there was a crew at Mission Control who spoke to everyone in “space” over communications systems and helped to solve problems when they arose.

When I first broke the news to the rest of my coworkers that National Geographic would be flying me to Space Camp for the weekend, I was surprised to learn that my longtime friend and fellow Geeko writer Carolyn Cox had . So if you’re like her, come on over and educate yourselves on the wonders of Space Camp. The youngest that you are allowed to be at the United States Space Camp is 7 years old, and you have to be accompanied by a legal guardian as a part of either a family trip or a day trip.Carolyn’s questions for me are in bold; my answers are in regular text. Other than that, you have to be about 10 or older to be allowed to stay overnight at the camp on your own.I’ve realized whenever we say Space Camp, I’m just hearing ‘Dr. This still seems way too young in my opinion, but I only ever went to an overnight camp once when I was 12 and shared a bunk with a girl who’d printed out at least 40 pages of Frodo/Sam slash fanfiction to read at night, so maybe my childhood memories of camp are a bit more risqué than is typical. Does everyone go to space camp, or only kids with an interest in science?There are a number of two day, three day, and weeklong groups for kids to stay overnight.

There are also several types of packages available for adults, of course, including a week-long “Space Academy for Educators” that involves 45 hours of continuing education credits, a “Corporate Camp” for team-building among coworkers, and a regular adult camp for grown-up nerds like us.

The adult camp packages usually go for about three or four days.

For the corporate ones, you can go anywhere from 1 to 5 days.

As far as I know you don’t to be obsessed with science to go to Space Camp, but it is a pretty expensive trip for someone who doesn’t care about it at all.

Space Camp is ultimately geared towards teaching kids about the space program regardless of their previously held level of knowledge, so if you go in with an open mind and a passion for learning, you’ll be set — there are a lot of different field trip options for just that type of kid, as a matter of fact.

And if you’re not directly interested in the idea of space, there’s also a Robotics Camp for engineer-types and an “Aviation Challenge” camp for kids who want to be Air Force pilots.