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Although Yorkshire has long been divided into four counties, York is still considered the capital of this lovely corner of Northern England.It's also the ecclesiastical capital of the Church of England, the Archbishop of York being second only to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Wall walking is in fact a great way to escape the usually crowded streets below, as is a time spent boating along the River Ouse.

Imposing York Minster commemorates the monks who converted those living in the surrounding countryside to Christianity.

Dedicated to St Peter, York Minster's bishops even sat on the council at Arles in 314 AD.

After this, little is known until 627 AD when the oldest documented (wooden) church was built here for the baptism of King Edwin of Northumbria.

Among the many exhibits in the Great Hall, laid out like an old-fashioned railway station, are a Victorian mail train from 1838, turn of the century freight and steam trains, and luxurious Edwardian Pullman carriages.

Also on display is a collection of Royal Trains, including carriages used by Queen Victoria.

Hours: Open daily, 10am-5pm Admission: Free A walk along York's medieval city walls leaves a lasting impression of this beautiful city.

Built mainly in the 14th century, the walls incorporate some of the city's original Roman structures and total some 3 mi in length.

Succeeding Saxon and Norman constructions were destroyed, and the present cathedral was built in the Gothic style in the 13th century.

Located between Fishergate and Skeldergate Bridge, York Castle was built of wood by the Normans in 1068. Constructed in the 13th century as a replacement for the wooden fortress, it was named after Roger de Clifford, executed here in 1322 as leader of the Lancastrian party.

It was also infamous as the place where the king would put those he had executed on display.