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If you have a chance to meet with a camp worker in advance, focus on the most important issues rather than overwhelming them with details.Encourage open communication - make yourself available.

Students or volunteers may be available through community colleges or agencies such as Extend-A-Family.

Special Camps An excellent way to locate a camp is through the Ontario Camping Association's web site, which lets you search for a camp based on a wide variety of criteria.

Check out their web site: has a listing of summer camps on their web site.

such as Exceptional Familiy magazine ( Abilities magazine ( and Active Living magazine ( often provide articles and sections on summer camp. For more information, visit their web site ( email [email protected], or call 416-747 -9796. Family Camp Program at the Kinark Outdoor Centre Parenting a child with autism is uniquely challenging and very demanding.

The Sara Elizabeth Centre (Blue Veil Ministry) in Etobicoke offers a summer camp for ages 18+ with a physical or developmental disability. The Kinark Outdoor Centre, with its skilled professional staff and specialized facilities, supports children with autism and their families with life changing camp experiences.

Camp located at Kipling and Westway, Operates 9 a.m. Kinark Outdoor Centre - Providing Outdoor Education, Skill Development and Adventure-Based Programming since 1985. v=GEYx ZOBmk7I CLICK HERE to see the flyer Camp Listing Some Ontario camps that offer services specifically for individuals with ASD are: *Children Development Group (CDG) CDG and Autism Ontario are happy to announce their summer programs.In the hopes of servicing our young adult/teens, we are happy to announce our first 'Vocational Program' (for teens and young adults, July-9-August 08, 2013, Tuesday-Thursday 9.00-3.00 ) along with our regular Social programs (for younger kids, July 22-July 26, 2013 and August 12-16, 2013, Monday-Friday 9.00-3.00).We are happy to announce that the Toronto Chapter will once again be providing a 0 / family subsidy to Toronto Chapter members so that our children can participate upcoming and very popular Summer Program provided by CDG.Camp Funding SSAH funds (see the Financials page) can be used to offset camp fees.Parks and Recreation offers a "welcome policy" that subsidizes the cost of their programs: contact your Adapted and Integrated Services coordinator for details.The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund provides financial support for children to attend summer camp programs.