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Within minutes, she is seen rubbing Officer Mubarak's shoulder. RELATED: Pasadena police officer accused of having sex in patrol car Pasadena PD says this incident happened while Officer Mubarak was on duty.He and the young woman were parked in a secluded parking lot.After the recording became known months later, he was placed on 30 days leave.

Now a practicing attorney, we showed Nixon the just released video.At one point, the woman leans into the officer and disappears from the video frame.The officer can be heard moaning, and then the police scanner crackles to life. The redacted portion of the video lasts for approximately 23 minutes.The Texas AG's office says the redaction is allowed because, "the portion of that video would be highly intimate or embarrassing, the publication of which would be highly objectionable to a reasonable person and of no legitimate public concern."Nixon says even the redacted video shows plenty."It's going to diminish his credibility as an officer for the remainder of his tenure as an officer.Katie said: 'Whenever I do parties they are always fancy dress because I think people make an effort.

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Eyewitness News has obtained the dashcam video that led to the suspension of a Pasadena police officer.

Officer Jeff Mubarak was suspended for 30 days earlier this year after the department learned he had sex in his patrol car with a woman who was part of the citizen ride-along program.

The video obtained by Eyewitness News under the Freedom of Information Act took place in August 2015.