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We open to a musical montage sequence of Wendy turning tricks outside "The Crystal Palace" - and how it's become a repeat daily grind, day after day.Her finances replenished, she exchanges cash and burgers for blue meth with the rival dealers.

At a bar after work, Jesse shows Walt the blue meth he purchased from Tomás Cantillo and the dealers responsible for Combo's murder. Referring to Tomás, he says, "They used this little kid like some puppet.

They used him to shoot my friend." Jesse asks Walt for ricin, the slow-acting poison Walt suggested they use on Tuco.

Jesse plans to have Wendy slip the dealers tainted burgers when she next buys meth.

Walt calls the plan "ridiculous," reasoning that he and Jesse lost a simple turf war, and that murdering Combo's killers at this point won't achieve anything.

Mike then tells Walt a story about confronting a chronic wife abuser back when he was a beat cop.

Mike intervened, and almost killed the wife-beater, but gave in when the abuser promised to change his ways. Mike's mistake was to take a half measure when he should have killed the abuser.

"No more half measures, Walter," he says referring to Jesse.

At the drug corner, Wendy sits in Jesse's car clutching a bag of poisoned burgers, but the dealers aren't in their regular spot.

"I'm doin' it," a furious Jesse replies, "with or without you." At the hospital, Marie Schrader baits Hank Schrader by mentioning to Walter, Jr.

that the doctors say he is well enough to be released.

"I can't move my legs," Hank angrily retorts, countering that he should not leave the hospital until he can walk. asks if Hank is suggesting that everyone in a wheelchair or crutches should be hospitalized, "Should I be in a hospital then?