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Users can snap photographs of people or vehicles suspected of solicitation and send them instantly from their cell phones.

The police then use this information to generate and mail a "Dear John" letter to the home addresses of people accused of seeking out a sex worker.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf praised the tool, calling it "an example of the collaboration needed to tackle social problems." But sex workers, human-rights advocates, and civil-liberty watchdogs say the website might do more harm that good.

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According to Burns, when customers are aggressively targeted by law enforcement, it increases the likelihood that sex workers will have to interact with unfamiliar clients or take other risks that expose them to violence.Cynthia Chandler, a human-rights attorney who lives in San Leandro, called the new website "deplorable," and said the city should take it down."This turns neighbors against neighbors and recruits people to become spies for the police," she said."It’s not healthy for these communities." The attorney said the website will likely have a negative impact on lower-income people and non-white sex workers."When it comes to people who work on the street, it's disproportionately people working for economic survival, who don't have resources to work indoors, and they’re disproportionately going to be people of color," she said.

Chandler added that the website also could defame innocent civilians."If you're living in an economically depressed community and you go up to a car your friend is driving to chat with them, you run the risk of being reported through this program," she said.Report is just the latest attempt in OPD and Alameda County DA's effort to identify and eliminate sex-industry clients, especially those who solicit on "The Tracks" — outdoor locations such as East 14th Street from the San Antonio neighborhood to the San Leandro border.We told you how to walk into one like you owned the place, but sometimes it’s easier—and more private—to shop for sex toys online. Epic advocates of healthy, happy, safe, and supportive sexual exploration for women and men. Bonus: is Babeland’s juicy guide to mind blowing sex. And then there’s a cute, embroidered pencil case (repurposed from old jeans) for storing your playthings. My Pleasure and My Secret Luxury My Pleasure was founded by a sex therapist and the website’s tagline is “Transforming Lives Through Better Sex.” They have a large selection of sex toys, for sure, but what really impressed us was their devotion to education, including an entire section on sex and disability and romance and massage. Here are the adult websites we like to explore when we want to be discreet. Huge selection of toys with lots of helpful customer reviews. Check it out along with every luscious thing they sell, then use promo code FRISKY for 15% off and free UPS ground shipping (no minimum order) from And we discovered My Secret Luxury through The Redhead Bedhead’s blog. Just in time to treat yourself to a little something for Valentine’s Day. Live chat customer service, in case you have questions. We love their chosen-with-care collection of toys and gadgets, but we’re more fascinated by their secret concierge service. Coco de Mer They say Coco de Mer is for lovers, adventurers, and dreamers. dollar prices (there’s a toggle in the upper left corner of their website).