Best non creepy dating sites

Ask any Boston lady about her experiences meeting men and she’ll definitely have a few horror stories that will haunt you for a long time. Like the TSA air marshal who I found out via a good old-fashioned Google search had been arrested for harassing and mugging an Occupy Boston protester. The best way to avoid a major disappointment is to get an introduction from someone else - a vouch, if you will.

Or the fella who told me he wanted to have my children on the third date. That’s the philosophy behind Jess, Meet Ken - a dating site that initially went live last February and was a 2014 Mass Challenge participant.

Now, the website—based out of Mass Challenge in South Boston— is officially launching, enabling users to finally start meeting one another.

And women who are looking for those great guys can browse through the database of eligible bachelors with the assurance that another chick has advocated for them.

However, in the initial version of the site, women were only able to post profiles for those perfect-for-someone-else men.

Now, with thousands of profiles created, users have the opportunity to actually start introducing their best prospects to each other.

So instead of having to reach out to the fella you’re intrigued by directly, you can ask for an intro through the woman who recommended him. The profile piques Jess’ interest, so she reaches out to Adele to ask about him.

Carrot Dating, for example, allows socially inept users to bribe “attractive members” into going on dates by buying them gifts from a diverse list of “incentives” including flowers, a boob job, and the ever-seductive tank of gas.

On The Rebound alerts you the second your crush changes their Facebook relationship status to single so you can be the first to swoop in and offer a sympathetic groin to cry on, and Flavor Connect makes its matches based on candy preference.The next time you find yourself wrestling with the legal definition of prostitution, check out one of these dating apps instead — if you’re not wishing upon a star that someone out there likes Teaberry gum as much as you.Coffee Meets Bagel An even more passive, low-stakes option, Coffee Meets Bagel is the perfect dating app if you don’t want online dating to become a second job.Adele then introduces the two of them, and they get married and have three kids. And yes, it’s about the founders, Jess and Ken Deckinger.Adele Testani was Ken’s previous co-founder in Hurry Date, which was acquired by Sparks Networks, the parent company to successful sites like JDate and Christian Jess and I don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to have a lot of fun with everything we do so that’s reflected in the tone of the questions we ask." Having this insider info on the bachelor’s quirks and endearing qualities is one of the main advantages that Jess, Meet Ken has over other dating sites.Ken noted that she has played a key role in their business, but also in their personal lives. Women are better able to filter out the BS and figure out what a guy is really like to determine if they’re a good fit.