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A history and psychiatric evaluation can confirm the person's constant desire to be the opposite sex.

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But identity problems may continue after this treatment. Adelson SL; American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Committee on Quality Issues. Practice parameter on gay, lesbian, or bisexual sexual orientation, gender nonconformity, and gender discordance in children and adolescents. Updated by: Timothy Rogge, MD, Medical Director, Family Medical Psychiatry Center, Kirkland, WA. Gender dysphoria occurs when there is a conflict between a person's physical gender and the gender he or she identifies with.

For example, a person who is physically a boy may actually feel and act like a girl.The person is very uncomfortable with the gender they were born as. Identity conflicts need to continue over time to be considered gender dysphoria.How the gender conflict occurs is different in each person.For example, some people may cross-dress while others want sex-change surgery.Some people of one gender privately identify more with the other gender.People who are born with ambiguous genitalia, which can raise questions about their gender, may develop gender dysphoria. Hormones in the womb, genes, social and environmental factors (such as parenting) may be involved.