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Director: Michael Goguen Release Date: 2005 Contains spoilers I was most excited when I discovered that an animated feature had been made of Batman, featuring Dracula as the villain (and many thanks to the Mystery of the Haunted Vampire, whose blog piece on this brought it to my attention).The cross-over between the two characters was crying out for a feature (it has already been a subject tackled in graphic novel form).I duly ordered the DVD, and being a sad little thing, ensured I ordered the copy with the collectors’ figures.

I was aware of Batman the animated series – we get that in the UK - but this is from the other stable, The Batman.The animation style is very different, and of course they use different voice actors.Animation wise I was expecting the noir feel of the animated series, but the animation style here works really well in its own right.We begin in Arkham asylum where an inmate tells Penguin (Tom Kenny) about a multi-million stash of loot in Gotham cemetery, that he will split 50/50 if Penguin helps him escape.He opens the coffin, cutting his hand, to find not loot but a chained, desiccated corpse.

He gets blood on the corpse, which reanimates and hunts him.Luckily for the Penguin a night watchman gets in the way and becomes Dracula’s first victim – slaking the vampire’s waking thirst.Penguin is captured and hypnotised into being his daylight servant.He reveals it is in the crypt behind the tombstone with a cross, but will (sensibly) reveal no more.He then reveals that he had mentioned it to Joker (Kevin Michael Richardson).Alarms sound and Joker has escaped, Penguin takes his cue and escapes after him.