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Guns were commonplace; hunting for sustenance was common among my neighbors.Everyone, even girls as young as 4 or 5, knew how to load, shoot, and clean a gun. As I grew older, I also began to see the benefit of a pistol for protection.

Criminals don't buy their guns through legal channels and so even a background check could be ineffective in stopping the gun crimes the US is dealing with.If I had all the right answers for this huge problem, I would be in the States lobbying for MY GUN laws. I just know that all of my peers, and all of their children are growing up familiar with guns.They know the benefit and the destruction guns can cause and have been ingrained with the respect firearms deserve.Gun safety is taught to children from the time they are old enough to walk.Follow my travel adventure as I have left the winter weather of Pittsburgh behind and am settling in Dangria, Stann Creek, BELIZE!

View pics of this tropical paradise and it's Caribbean beaches!Learn firsthand from an expat all the quirks and snags I run into.I have been asked by my Pittsburgh NRA friends, to blog about firearms here in Belize.Yesterday's blog about my new hometown also brought some questions as to weather or not I feel safe here.I think I can kill two birds with the same stone here... First, let me give you all a little background on my personal thoughts on gun ownership.I was raised in a very rural area in the Appalachian Mountains...a little ridge known to local folks as Laurel Ridge.