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“But the lying lowlife couldn’t help himself.” Nonetheless, the duo are still together after 25 years, although JJ describes their arrangement as a matter of convenience.

“I know he continues to cheat, but I stupidly put up with this horrible treatment,” she says.

“I don’t even know why women find him attractive, because he looks like a cross between Woody Allen and Kermit the Frog.” Unfortunately, infidelity like ML’s is not uncommon.

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And as those who have been involved with an unfaithful partner know: Once a cheater, always a cheater.“I teach women that how you get him is how you lose him.It’s harsh, but it’s true,” says Monica Parikh, dating expert and founder of School of Love NYC.“To any woman or mistress wishing for a fairy tale with a man who’s a known cheater, I’d say: This is not the man with the solid integrity and character to fulfill that fairy tale.” Research backs up Parikh’s assessment: According to a 2002 study, more than 75 percent of marriages that began in an affair end in divorce.Though they never wed, 63-year-old Upper East Sider JJ (who asked to only use initials for privacy reasons) and 65-year-old Boston tax lawyer ML were entwined in a dangerous dance after ML left his wife for JJ, the mistress he’d met at work.

Two years into their relationship, in a replay of his affair with JJ, the serial philanderer got involved with another female colleague.Suddenly JJ found herself in the same abandoned position as ML’s ex-wife.“Looking back, I was crazy in love and stupidly thought he would never cheat on me like he had on this poor woman who had multiple sclerosis and two young sons,” says JJ, the CEO of a Manhattan-based beauty firm.Sarah Cline stood in the shower, water streaming down her face, as the voice in her head echoed louder and louder.“Ask him if he has anything to tell you,” the voice said.Pulling a towel around her body, she went into the bedroom, where her partner had just returned from a bachelor party.