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Through the narrative you'll move from Space Marine, to Ork, to Eldar as each go about their business of trying to absolutely slaughter the others.As for the missions themselves, and how they'll be connected, there's less info on that out there right now.Relic have used such varied formula over the years it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll get this time.

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Dawn of War 3 is happening, over a decade after the original.

While we sit tapping power-armoured feet in anticipation of the release date for Relic Entertainment’s next game, allow us to bring you everything we know about the third iteration in the Warhammer 40,000 strategy series.

Despite the relatively early age of the announcement, there’s quite a bit of information out there already.

We’ll update this with any further videos released - hopefully some involving a little more gameplay - so check back regularly. There was a certain amount of design work done in the past, with the dying days of THQ revealing that Relic were already working on the game as early as 2011.

They didn’t just kick development off last week, and based on Sega’s release schedule for this year, they are in need of games for the Christmas rush.

However, given we haven’t seen so much as a screenshot yet the 2017 date mentioned in the first press release shouldn't come as a surprise.It's a shame to wait, but given 2016 is already packed with great games - and great 40k games - it's nice to know there'll be something left for later on.This was the first big question coming into the announcement - would a third Dawn of War follow the model of the first’s large armies and control-point capture, the second’s hands-on tactics at squad-level, or reinvent itself once again? As you can see in the video above, there's a new focus on scale and super-sized units, but retaining the clashing armies of the first game and the heroes of the second.In the initial press release, Relic/Sega say that Do W3 will have “the epic scale of Dawn of War” combined with “the customization and elite heroes of Dawn of War II.” They also mention larger units (“super-walkers”) and weaponry (“giant orbital lasers”) than we’ve seen in the games before, suggesting it’s doubling down on the increased scale.If you’re looking for a simple answer as to whether the game is closer to Do W1 or 2, the original is the answer, but it’s certainly shaping up as its own thing.While the overall strategy of a map will still be controlled by power generators and capture points, just as in the first game, massive units with unique special abilities are how Do W2 is brought into things.