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A pal of tragic Jewish schoolgirl Anne Frank claims she saw her receive the diary in which she recorded the horrors of her Holocaust experience.Millions of copies of the journal have been read around the world since it was first published following World War 2.

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Now Mrs Konig pays tribute to Anne, who died aged 15, just weeks before the camp was liberated 70 years ago.The pair were just two of the millions of Jews rounded up into concentration camps following persecution from the Nazis.More than six million Jews were killed worldwide in the genocide.Recalling the moment, Anne received her gift, Mrs Konig said: “Anne wanted to use the pages of her diary to write a book.“We were dreaming of the future, it was part of our survival. Anne was a girl who was full of life, she loved to talk and liked the boys.

"If she was still alive, I am convinced that she would have become an excellent writer."In the end, she got her wish to be a published author." The schoolgirl’s diary was first published in 1947 and has been translated into 67 languages with more than 30 million copies sold.Mrs Konig, who was one of 60,000 survivors liberated from Bergen-Belsen by British forces, has now spoken of her time in the camp with Anne.“I saw Anne shortly before she died,” Mrs Jonig said. “I still see her in front of me.” Mrs Konig, who now lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with her husband, John, went to school with Anne Frank in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation.“Bergen-Belsen wasn’t a death camp but the conditions eliminated people. In 1941, they were classmates at the Jewish Lyceum, a school for Jewish children no longer allowed to attend normal schools.The Frank family had already fled Germany following persecution and moved to the Netherlands along with 300,000 other German Jews.