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Thank you for been with me and for you endless support. I do not know who would like to eat expired food just because they speak Russian language there..... It was disgusting to see how he smiles to people and makes girls give them expired meat (washed beforehand from sticky stink) - so good luck to ya!!! I worked in this store - meat is washed after expiration, food is stored on the floor, mushrooms are opened from expired cans and packed in plastic containers for resale. I am not supporting any other store or anything, but DEFINITELY not gonna buy anything from Ashot.

I believe it is considered to be one of INTERNATIONAL Market type of stores. I bought some cabanossi sausages from Golden Key in Indian Land, NC. I toje prinemaut kraditki pri pokypke na i vsegda svejie gazeti. I enjoy all the fine imported products that are pasturized and preserved.

My motto is, if you are going to buy perishable products from an import specialty store, you are buying them at your own risk.

Think about all the shipping time and all the risks of heat and sun light exposure.

I assume the owner just can not afford quality contol, for such a small store.

Even though it should not be operating with such low standards, the rest of the product like pasturized cheese, airtight/canned goods and candy are a diamond in the rough.

This is Ashot, the owner of A & A International Food.

Accidently, I happen to be on this site and reading this discussion about my store. THANK YOU to all my loyal customers for their support.

Without you, guys, we would be as prosperous, as we are, now.

The stores listed here sell Russian food in Charlotte, NC.

In these deli and grocery stores you may find food and beverages from Russia, Ukraine, and Europe, as well as US made products that may be classified as Russian food in America.

The name Russian stores in Charlotte is geared toward the visitors of this specific site.