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*Link to Star Quilt Article Jones Academy Students Receive Technology Gift When Hartshorne High School U. History teacher Tony Skinner assigns his 11th grade class the obligatory 15-page term paper, the task usually engages Jones Academy students, tutors, dorm and administrative staff.

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The key is having the tools and the technology to accomplish the task. The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Oklahoma Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCo R) recently donated 13 laptops and 23 computers (each including desktop, monitor, mouse and keyboard) to the school.

According to the website, EPSCo R’s central goal is to increase the state’s research competitiveness through strategic support of research instruments and facilities, research collaborations, and integrated education and research programs.

At this time, the equipment is servicing approximately 120 Jones Academy junior high and high school students and 55 elementary students in grades 1-6.

The gift is an invaluable resource in assisting the students to develop their learning and academic skills.

Recently, the Choctaw Nation IT Department installed some of the computers at the elementary school and uploaded the desktops with age-appropriate software to reinforce classroom instruction the students were receiving. Corp of Engineers for their generosity and immense help in assisting Jones Academy students.

Superintendent of Jones Academy, Brad Spears, expressed his appreciation to Gina Miller, the Outreach Coordinator for Oklahoma NSF EPSCo R Program in a letter. PICTURE: Background: Mattye Shawley, Foreground: Gracie Hall December 2013 Jones Academy Students Preparing for the Future Preparing for life after high school and Jones Academy takes an immense amount of effort.

“As an administrator, I am always pressed to find ways to improve our efforts and provide our students with the resources they need in this fast-paced and ever-changing world of technology.” Mr. Making plans for the future requires putting forth thought, effort, and energy.

This fall, Jones Academy senior high school students have participated in several activities to prepare them for the post-secondary days ahead.

Jones Academy recently received a Lakota Star Quilt in honor of Alan R. Lionel Bordeaux, president of Sinte Glaska University, as a gift for Mr. House of Representatives’ Committee on Education and Labor.

Lovesee, a former member of the Jones Academy Foundation Board of Directors. Lovesee’s many years of service in government and policy-making for Native Americans. He was a champion for Native Americans’ interests in education.

Sinte Glaska University was one of the first tribally-controlled colleges in the United States. He also authored and advocated legislative initiatives for the Choctaw Nation.