Alikewise dating site

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Alikewise is a new niche dating site that aims to unite people by a common passion for literature.Matt Masina and Matt Sherman, the site's founders, began working on the site in late 2008 after the latter broke up with his girlfriend."I [wanted to] meet a woman who had read ," he said.Now those who want to find others who are knowledgeable about the books and topics they're passionate about can do so on the site.S. million in annual revenue, you can sign up today.

Alikewise is the perfect dating website for book lovers. They allow users to build a profile and include lots of personal information in the hopes of finding compatibility that way.The site helps people find one another using their personal book tastes.Upon signup, users can fill out four categories of information, plus add a photo and tagline: Although there's room for other information, the emphasis is entirely on books.You can only search for other users by typing in a book title or author or by username — not by any other interests (a drawback in my opinion, as some may be looking for, say, someone who reads and does triathlons, or an admirer of Henry James over 5'8", rather than someone who has read George Eliot's ).A front page newsfeed also notifies you when others add books in your profile to theirs.