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With the exception of September 1, the rest of the chapters in the season were released weekly on Thursdays.

Advertising gave the series a favorable review stating "..episode of 'LXD' packs a wealth of narrative sophistication into its eight or nine minutes.

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It’s why she tweeted about her exclusive necklace recently.

Officially, it’s the Kris Jenner Signature Collection Elegance Pearl Necklace, which “epitomizes versatile elegance and is an exquisite, timeless classic,” according to the style description.

(It’s part of her four-piece jewelry collection available on ) Someone on social media duty at Staples Canada took one look at the reality matriarch’s jewelry and decided all of the essentials for this piece were available in aisle seven of the office supply store.

Kris’s necklace has roughly 32 clips, and a pack of 1,000 paper clips at Staples goes for .29, so you could easily adapt this look and help 33 of your friends epitomize versatile elegance for five bucks.

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, commonly called The LXD, was a 2010–2011 web series about two groups of rival dancers: The Alliance of the Dark who are the villains and The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, the heroes, who discover they have superpowers referred to as "the Ra" through their dance abilities.

which consist of Organization X—called The Ox—and The Umbras.

The second season also premiered with two chapters, "The Legion" and "Lessons", which were released October 26, 2010.

The remaining webisodes were released every Wednesday after with the exception of Wednesday, November 24 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

There is episode titled "Super Ballet" that was supposed to be presented as part of the series narrative.

It was left out of season two because Chu felt it didn't fit into the storyline.

He eventually released it in 2012 when The LXD became available on You Tube.