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For Scottish Advanced Highers, we would usually ask for AAA, specifying A1 grades in up to two subjects.

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We make our decisions based on academic potential, which is different from previous achievements (that is, who is going to make the most of the opportunities offered to them once they get to Cambridge) and so we look to see where applicants are on a learning curve. For example, a language, History, Philosophy or Theatre Studies would all provide useful background for an English applicant.

Taking more than three A2s does not place you at any significant advantage over those applicants 'only' studying three subjects. However, extensive reading outside what is expected from you at school, rather than simply taking more and more exams, is also a good way to develop depth.

You should look at our individual subject factsheets and also consult the University Guidance.

Generally speaking, there is more flexibility about subject requirements for Arts degrees than for Science degrees.

Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Maths, Medicine, Modern Languages and Veterinary Medicine and Natural Sciences all require particular subjects at A2.

We think Further Maths is a good subject to take, not just for Maths but for Engineering, Natural Sciences and Economics as well.We are used to dealing with a variety of qualifications and exam systems.For IB, we usually set offers at 776 in HL subjects plus a points total of 40 or 41 (including TOK and EE).Find out everything you can about the department and the subject before choosing a college.The best way to choose a college is to visit Cambridge and take a look around.Don’t worry too much about statistics, getting into Cambridge is tough regardless of the College you choose.