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[Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. ] La sencillez de la ortografía española es una razón por la cual la mayoría de los estudiantes estadounidenses eligen estudiar este idioma en vez de uno cuya ortografía sea más complicada, como el francés, por no hablar del chino ni del árabe. Cuando decimos que un sistema de ortografía es “fonético”, de verdad queremos decir dos cosas al mismo tiempo: que cada palabra se pronuncia como se escribe, y que cada palabra se escribe como se pronuncia.El español es completamente fonético en cuanto al primero, y mayormente fonético en cuanto al segundo.Es por esas consonantes que no podemos decir que la ortografía española sea completamente fonética.

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Además de estas pocas molestias gozamos de un sistema regular, y, a mi parecer, lindísimo.****************************************************************** The simplicity of Spanish spelling is one reason why the majority of American students choose to study Spanish instead of a language with more complicated spelling, like French, not to mention Chinese or Arabic. When we say that a spelling system is “phonetic”, we really mean two things at the same time: that each word is pronounced the way it’s written, and written the way it’s pronounced.Spanish is completely phonetic in the first regard, and mostly in the second.These consonants are the reason why we can’t say that Spanish spelling isn’t completely phonetic.Ironically, these spelling issues are more of a headache for native speakers than for students of Spanish as a second language, who usually learn the written form of a word at the same time (or before) they hear it pronounced.

I have been trying to minimize contact with my own blogs, due to the huge amount of projects that I had – online as well as offline -, and the time-wasting nature of the dozen blogs I installed back in 2006-2009.They were (like this one) little more than dialectic in nature, with no particular aim.Right now I am tired of developing new ideas without publicizing them.I think I have information on some fields where other people might be interested in, and projects whose development could be interesting to share.For the moment, I have changed the Word Press theme to allow for an easy reading with smartphones and tablets. The simplified spelling from the academy, a musty Madrid institution that is the chief arbiter of all things grammatical, should be welcome news to the world’s 450 million Spanish-speakers, not to mention anybody struggling to learn the language.