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Reviewed by Richard Ascarate (Department of Romance, German and Slavic Languages and Literatures, George Washington University)Published on H-German (September, 2005) German History like (p. Indeed, an author must possess a fair amount of learning and temerity to compress almost two millennia of national history within three hundred pages. She divides her history into eight chapters according to recognized dates and themes.

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All Oxford's libraries provide access to a wide range of networked electronic resources which can be access from both SOLO (Oxford's local discovery tool) and Ox LIP+ (Oxford e-resources gateway).The key resources are listed below: A full listing of databases relevant to history is available in the History subject list in Ox LIP+.Most key history journals are now available electronically.JSTOR, OUP, CUP and Wiley will provide all back issues, while current issues are provided by some of the major publishers, such as Project Muse, Ingenta, etc.A full listing of e-journals is available in Oxford University e-Journals.

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The history collections aim to cover primary and secondary source material for the late Roman to the modern periods for British, Western European and some world history.

Topical coverage includes social, political, economical, ecclesiastical, cultural history, etc.

but also historiography, diplomatics and palaeography. Historians benefit hugely from having access to the Bodleian Library's Legal Deposit collections as they have access to material not widely available.